“Defense Wins”

Nicolas Weaver explains how a “defense wins” policy in a combined offense and defense environment doesn’t sound not very convincing (case in point: the NSA reorganization).

Instead, NSA seems intent on ensuring that they will never be trusted again. The objective reality is this: from the perception of those outside the government, merging the IAD and SIGINT missions is tantamount to eliminating IAD entirely. Trust is a matter of perception as much as reality.  “Defense wins?” Whatever the actual truth, for now, the rest of the world says “HA!”

Oh, The Losses … All Those Losses

It seems pirates have found the ultimate weapon to kill the music industry: copying music to /dev/null … all the time! 😆

Money Quote:

Last week, Sunde told TorrentFreak that he’d already made 120 million copies and “cost” the music industry $150 million in losses, at least by the music industry’s preferred accounting practices counting the dollar value of any copied song as lost revenue.