Er hot a gojischen Kopp

Er hot a gojischen Kopp

steht ungefähr für „Er ist dumm“.

Goi bezeichnete ursprünglich einfach Nichtjuden, kann aber wie oben, anscheinend auch pejorativ “als Hinweis auf ‘unjüdisches’,[…] lasterhaftes oder unintelligentes Verhalten” verwendet werden. 😛 So gesehen, scheint es das “jüdischen Equivalent” von Kafir zu sein; mit der Ausnahme, dass Kafir keine Konnotation bzgl. der Intelligenz einer Person hat. 🙂

Transliteration and Translation Fails

So I was reading an article on the power of big South Korean companies and wanted to look up the native word and its connotations, as I knew the Japanese had something similar called “Zaibatsu“.

So transliterating the word from the article “Chaebol” to “채볼” failed. So I searched Wikipedia for “Chaebol” at the top it said “Jaebol”. o.O So I tried “재볼” and failed again. By that time I looked in the Languages section on the Wikipedia page and learned that it was actually written “재벌“.

Well, looking up the English translation for it turned up the Japanese word. m(

Custom CAs everywhere

I recently finished introducing custom CA infrastructure in two instances. Each having two sub CAs, two Servers and a bunch of users. The “create your own CA” part was quite easy after I found  a dated but still accurate tutorial. In hindsight it is quite silly why I didn’t do this before.

On the server side I had to make it work on:

  • Apache
  • Nginx
  • Postfix
  • Cyrus
  • Dovecot

Each expecting its own Format/Packing of certificates, keys and certificate chains. :/

On the client side I had to produce installation and configuration howtos for Windows and OS X and a bunch of popular browsers and email clients. Then there is the “user education” part … this is still in progress, but its looking good.

All in all, I’m happy with the result. 🙂