They Used to Say That About Content

Facebook wants you to help them optimize their ads. You’re supposed tell them which ones you like or dislike so they can replace the ones you didn’t like with other you might “like more.” … This seems so bizarre … In essence Facebook is telling you to curate their ad stream for you the way you curate your own content stream. In doing so they blurt out things like

giving people more control about the ads they see


show you the ads that are most relevant to you

Is it just me, or is this exactly the way they used to talk about content?!? o.O

Real Fake Likes

Facebook offers you to pay for likes, which will generally come from people who don’t really like your page, but probably get paid for it. This in turn will drag down engagement on your posts, because now many of your (artificially limited) post views will go to them instead of genuinely interested people. Then Facebook offers you to pay to throttle your posts less so that they reach more people. … See? Win/Win!

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Political Discussions Ruining Facebook and Friendships

A study shows “users who try to talk about politics on Facebook are often surprised by the political opinions of their acquaintances“.

Because Facebook not only has a low threshold for “friending” another person but also can bridge together many social groups with a single person’s post, it can be a breeding ground for alienation and resentment.

Yay, it’s working. 😀