Silicon Valley or Soviet Union

This made my day.

In Support of Strong Encryption


IEEE supports the use of unfettered strong encryption to protect confidentiality and integrity of data and communications. We oppose efforts by governments to restrict the use of strong encryption and/or to mandate exceptional access mechanisms such as “backdoors” or “key escrow schemes” in order to facilitate government access to encrypted data. Governments have legitimate law enforcement and national security interests. IEEE believes that mandating the intentional creation of backdoors or escrow schemes – no matter how well intentioned – does not serve those interests well and will lead to the creation of vulnerabilities that would result in unforeseen effects as well as some predictable negative consequences.
— IEEE Position Statement

AR create_with

I knew there was AR’s find_or_create_by  method but I didn’t know it had a very useful companion create_with .

This will either find a record  SomeModel.where(foo: "bar")  or create it with SomeModel.create(foo: "bar", some: "stuff") . Very useful.

Allwissender Beobachter

Ein allwissender Beobachter, der in unser Gehirn blicken und alle relevanten Faktoren erfassen könnte, wäre in der Lage, unsere Entscheidung vorherzusehen.

Diese Aussage ist so dumm und offensichtlich bekannt, dass es jeder Beschreibung spottet. Er steht auch noch unter dem Titel „Neurowissenschaften: Gedankenlesen noch in weiter Ferne.“ … m(