Using Posteo With Custom Domains

I tried to find out if you can use Posteo with a custom domain. And the short answer is: no.

Andy Schwartzmeyer found out the long answer. 👏😀 I implemented it for my blog and so far I’m happy. Interestingly enough it’s the receiving side that needs an external service. I currently use Forward Email‘s free tier, because I already have publicly known email addresses that I automatically collect emails from.

I always had the impression that sending mails is made more difficult in order to combat spammers, but what do I know. 🤷 Sending only needs to include Posteo in the SPF rules and adding a sender identity (usable after a one week cool down 🙈).

3 thoughts on “Using Posteo With Custom Domains”

  1. Thanks for your tip, however, it did not work for me. Has this changed in the last months? The support does not seem to know anything about it either.

    1. Interesting … I was so sure it’s going to work after the cool down, I never bothered to check. 🤦‍♂️
      Receiving does work, but I still can’t send out mails using my domain. 😓

  2. I can confirm its not working. Even after a week it keeps showing 521 Spam protection errors.

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