Oh, The Losses … All Those Losses

It seems pirates have found the ultimate weapon to kill the music industry: copying music to /dev/null … all the time! ?

Money Quote:

Last week, Sunde told TorrentFreak that he’d already made 120 million copies and “cost” the music industry $150 million in losses, at least by the music industry’s preferred accounting practices counting the dollar value of any copied song as lost revenue.


Convert any file VLC can play to mp3

I just felt the need for a script that could extract the audio track of a video, transcode it and save it as an mp3 file … 2 hours later I was finished (get the Gist). 😀 It uses VLC to do hard work. 😉

Thanks to Kris Hom for the inspiration. 🙂

Update 2014-03-01:

  • Check whether VLC is installed
  • Should also work on Linux now
  • Increase default bit rate to 192kbit/s
  • Fixed bug where the file/playlist would repeat endlessly

Update 2014-11-05:

  • Also look for VLC in “~/Application/”

Update 2016-03-05

I am the Best

Sometimes there are things you didn’t want to know, but then somehow you do … and you cannot “un-know” these things … I just had one of these moments. 🙁

Some time ago introduced to this piece of “music” with the phrase “here, this is also something you probably won’t like.” 😉 I was never told where it is from and could not recognize what was being said (I always thought it was some random mumbo-jumbo) … and I was happy 🙂

… untill I heard the phrase “내가제일잘나가” … nothing will ever be the same … 🙁