Jonathan Blow: Game design: the medium is the message

Jonathan Blow shares his insights into why free-to-play games are a step back in the evolution of entertainment. He basically talks about what constraints of the medium (structurally) influence film plots and game play respectively. He draws an interesting parallel between free-to-play games and the “commercials and syndication” based monetization model of 70s and 80s TV series.

Highly recommended! 😀

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Fareed Zakaria’s Talk at the Bon Mot Book Club

Fareed Zakaria talks about how where you come from deeply biases how you view world events, how this ties in with a truly global economy. He also talks about “how we are building a global economy [and] a global society quicker, than we have a global political system, that can deal with it.”

He argues that since the late 1970s two major forces are shaping our world:
1. secular, interconnected, interdependent markets and trade
2. large scale religious and nationalist movements

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