I recently saw a movie and was intrigued by it … Drive.

I don’t know exactly why it was that movie resonated with me … I was tired, I could not concentrate on anything useful, but I had to wait and see something to the end … I think in that context it makes the most sense.
The movie makes you uneasy at first, because it feels as if you are not in control of your senses. Especially the colors and the soundtrack will leave you stunned … stunned is the right word, that’s how you feel. It perfectly recreates the feeling where you can only focus on one of your senses and all the other get dulled down. You feel like you are with the story, but you are to tired to interact, so you just calmly follow along with your weary senses and mind.

The images are heavily tinted and you wonder if you are seeing right. Especially brownish orange, light blue and a dark-shaded red tones give you a strong impression … especially in combination with the music.
The (awesome) soundtrack or a steady calm dominate the audio. There is minimal dialog … and even if there is, there are long pauses in between, so that you think the movie froze. But then a slight change of facial expression and a short reply. It caught me by surprise, but it so perfectly resonated with “only-one-thing-to-focus-on mode” of my tired brain. 🙂

It is an excellent film for when you have the matching mood. You are tired, but you can’t or must not sleep. Watch it!

If I were to summarize the movie

Don’t talk needlessly. Do what must be done. Be nice to children. Rid us of the bad man.

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