Stupid StarCraft

Things you might not know … at least I didn’t until recently …

I thought that I might spend some time enjoying StarCraft II while away from home for a few days and get a little better at it. 😉

Well, it turns out that when you update it and don’t log into it thinks you have the Starter Edition (which is Blizzard PR gibberish for demo) which can’t be played offline. I found that out – you guessed it – away from the internet.

If you manage to log in and out just for once you can “play offline”. I mean, I understand that SC2’s main feature is the online multiplayer, but why can I only replay the campaign (which is kind of useless with achievements disabled – because of the missing internet connection) and do the challenges.

But Blizzard’s biggest treat is that you can try to “Play Against A.I.” (the only useful offline feature) just to be met with a game configuration screen with a disabled “Create Game” button – only “Back” active. m(

I ask you why? Why? WHY? … it totally makes no sense … This type of needless online DRM ruins a persons mood quite badly. 🙁

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