Government agents ‘directly involved’ in most high-profile US terror plots

Human Rights Watch has examined about 500 U.S. trials related to terrorism and came to a “shocking” conclusion.

  • 18% of those cases are “tenuous” “material support” charges  (e.g. “providing military gear to al-Qaida” actually mans having “waterproof socks” in your luggage)
  • another 30% are “sting” operations, where government agents play a significant role in inciting, planning, supplying, preparing for execution and finally arresting

So this means that at least 50% of cases where they were “confident” enough to even go to trial fall flat on their faces when taking a closer look. :/

Heavy Twitterers among South Korean Military and Spys

1.2 million tweets were sent out by the National Intelligence Service (NIS) to smear opposition leaders, and 23 million tweets were spread by the Defense Ministry’s Cyberwarfare Command to tip the scale in favor of current President Park Geun-hye.

Source: Global Voices Online

Oh, no … Who could’ve known this was even possible?!? :/

Update 2015-02-11:
The former chief of the NIS was sentenced to three years of prison for trying to manipulate the 2012 presidential election.