Unsafe Chrome Sometimes Necessary

In my work – every now and then – I found myself in need of a browser with reduced security checks (mainly to gloss over cross domain XMLHttpRequests and SSL certificate violations) for testing purposes. I didn’t want to take the risk and use my main browser session with these settings, so I made me a script (also available as a Gist). 🙂

If you use oh my ZSH you can save this file in


and add “chrome-unsafe” to your list of used plugins in



Chrome Beta for Android

I just installed Chrome Beta for Android and I must say it’s slick. It’s fast and its UI gets out of the way. Their solution for tab switching is nice too. It will keep as many tabs open as possible, it it needs to free space, it will save a screenshot and unload the tab. If you switch back you will see the screenshot while the page reloads in the background … nice trick I must say. 🙂

I hope Firefox Mobile can catch up with those tricks. Especially at start up. It seems Chrome uses the same trick for start up too. It must be, because it does not use Android’s built in browser engine so it must load its own at startup and this is no small piece … but they have solved this very well … kudos.